Maryland Association of REALTORS

We developed and launched a statewide advertising and awareness campaign targeting Maryland homeowners and legislators in an effort to protect Maryland’s Mortgage Interest Deduction.

MAR Rally

Homepage Takeover

MAR Home Page Takeover

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This integrated campaign provided Maryland homeowners with the information they needed to react and take action to let their opinions be heard on the proposed Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2012 (BRFA, HB 87/SB 152). The BRFA bill would have reduced the mortgage interest deduction and the deductibility of state and local property taxes for many Maryland homeowners. For nearly 100 years, the tax code has protected mortgage interest deductibility. In addition to radio, print, and online advertising placements, the campaign also included a significant social media component and public relations activities.

“Under strict deadlines, the Weitzman Agency did an incredible job of developing and implementing the Save Maryland’s Mortgage Interest Deduction campaign… Helping us to protect the fundamental American dream of homeownership.” Debbie Hager, Director of Communications, Maryland Association of REALTORS®

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