Media Philosophy & Capabilities

 Art or Science?

Actually, it’s a blend of the two.  Spending someone else’s media dollars requires not only market knowledge, buying expertise, experience and the fortitude to make the deals but also demands an understood trust between client and agency. We’ve earned our clients’  trust because we stand behind our recommendations and treat clients’  money as if it were our own.  There is no cookie cutter for our media plans.  Each one is customized to help meet the goals and marketing needs of our clients.

And a crystal ball to predict the future doesn’t hurt either.


Market & Media Research

  • Market analysis including media usage habits and competitive environment assessment
  • Media research includes available options within the market and an assessment of any current media used by the client


Media Strategy & Targeting

  • Customized based on marketing goals and objectives
  • Identification of target audiences and the media needed to reach them

Media Evaluations & Recommendationsmedia_research_services

  • Complete analysis using such tools as Scarborough Research, Nielsen Audio, The Media Audit and ComScore to vet all available media options – including print, TV, radio, online, mobile, transit and Out of Home (OOH)
  • Media selection based on audience and cost efficiencies and overall effectiveness in market coverage

Media Budgeting & Plan Execution

  • Budget allocation to maximize available funds to deliver the biggest impact
  • Annual planning and contract negotiation for best availability and pricing
  • Value-added options to increase exposure without additional expenditure
  • Transparency with ongoing updates as well as detailed monthly reconciliations/reports



  • Overall cumulative effect of advertising including general awareness metrics and specific analytics


Vendor Relationships

  • Vital to the success of the media plan
  • Agency reputation as a valued business partner for media vendors