Velos Team

The merging of two companies is never an easy task. But with the right approach and strategy, it can also result in a stronger, more unified brand. Formerly Pinnacle Management & Engineering Solutions and Jacques & Associates, Velos truly embodies who they are as a company. Meaning “arrow” in Greek, all the work we did for them—from their new name and website to business cards and video –is infused with this core essence. And today, thanks to these efforts, Velos is poised as a foremost leader in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

One of the first things we look at is what separates our client’s brand from the competition. With Bobby Rahal Automotive Group, that difference was immediately clear: Bobby Rahal himself. We capitalized on this point of difference with a coordinated strategy of radio, television and outdoor. Today the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group is the leading car dealer in central and eastern Pennsylvania.

Severn Bank

Severn Bank offers something that’s unique in the Annapolis area: a hyperlocal understanding of the community, combined with products and services that are usually only offered by big banks. Seizing on this unique position, we’ve helped Severn establish itself as Anne Arundel County’s premier bank, through a concerted campaign of print, radio, television, digital, and social media.

Ginger Cove

Deciding to move into a retirement home is never an easy decision, but Ginger Cove does everything they can to make the transition as smooth as possible. As Annapolis’ premier retirement community, the work we’ve done has helped dramatically increase their visibility. Authentic and transparent in our approach, the campaigns we develop feature actual residents serving as brand ambassadors. Utilizing print, broadcast, direct mail, digital, e-marketing, public relations, and social media, we’ve built a brand that’s widely recognized and celebrated.

Zachary's Jeweler

With so many jewelers vying for foot traffic in downtown Annapolis, we sought to showcase the Zachary’s difference. While most jewelers sell diamonds that pass through multiple hands before reaching the customer, Zachary’s stones are always sourced directly. This hands-on approach to buying and selling jewelry embodies the Zachary’s brand and serves as a jumping-off point. Through the calculated execution of radio, television, digital, and social media, that speaks to this difference, Weitzman has effectively positioned Zachary’s as Annapolis’ favorite jeweler.

Kalas Funeral Home

Losing a loved one is never easy, but Kalas Funeral Home is there every step of the way to make the process as seamless as possible. Family owned and operated for five generations, Kalas is more than just a place people go to mourn the loss of a loved one. It’s where they go to connect with family and friends and celebrate life’s journey. Recognizing this point of difference, we crafted an integrated re-branding campaign, which included a new logo, tagline, and website—among other marketing initiatives.